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weedeel welcome to weedeel, the social classifieds network that will let you win real time and real money
Register now, linkedinvite your facebookriends and contactwitters to start winning real time and real money tofacebookether !
The power of weedeel relies on the 6 degrees of separation theory
six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of "friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.
Step 1


You lunch weedeel and tap on "post a deal" Step 4


Your deal is sent on the network and to your friends and contacts on your networks. They will answer it or share it to theirs
Step 2


You select kind of deal Step 5


When the deal is solved, the social chain that lead to him is determined and we process the shared payment of the bounty 4 x 10% + 50% for the deal closer
Step 3


Fill the forms and determine a bounty, a deadline and conditions.
how you win time

You determine a deadline + a bounty that will leverage networks efficiency

The faster you want the community to work on your deal,
the higher the bounty you offer, they 'll all hurry-up finding what you're
looking for or sharing it with their friends and networks,
weedeel provides its user with a time brokering solution :
You're free to pay more for saving more time.

You just win time because social users are going to search for cash

Among the most important components of any deal
are its title, bounty and DURATION. YOU determine your
emergency, how much time you want to save, and so adjust the bounty.

how you win money

Weedeel's efficiency relies on the 6 degrees of separation theory

We use, and leverage it through a performance oriented
sharing of the bounties
The closer of a deal, whose proposal will be have been accepted
by the poster, wins 50% of the bounty. Each of the intermediaries that
will have lead to him win 10% of this bounty (4 levels max).

You will so be able to win money, everyday, by closing deals
or just sharing them with persons that will. All you have to do is
have a look at the coming deals, and check wether you can solve or share them.

You and weedeel will convert your networks into the most efficient and profitable "social find engine" ever created for
finding a job or intership
finding job
finding rare bird, collectibles
rare birds
sharing an office room in SF
sharing an office room in SF
getting backstage / VIP accesses
meeting unmeetable persons... :)
finding an apartment, house
hunting experts, colleagues or investors
finding a way to your dreams
finding a tickets for a sold out places
vip places
changing the world
changing world

Enter the world of social classifieds

Start winning time, winning money, just solve deals alone or by sharing them with friends that might help you and people around you to proposing a real efficiency oriented generation of classifieds served by a gaming / treasure hunting approach...

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